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Saunton Sands
Sunny Beach Blanket
(Tide out version)

Click on a post at the bottom of the page for square patterns

10th August 2021

I went to Rhossili bay in summer 2021 to get some inspiration for a sunny beach blanketscape - instead I got inspriation for two versions! 

I wanted to call the tide out version by a different name, so I included a wet sand pattern I saw at Saunton Sands back in May, and decided to call it the Saunton Sands blanket.

Saunton Sands is amazing for patterns in the wet sands, caused by both wind and waves, it really is up there with Rhossili Bay for my favourite beaches.

The post list below is for the tide-out version of the sunny beach blanket.


This is the final design, 7 rows x 5 columns of textured squares to match the patterns I saw on the beach.

The posts below will provide the 7 patterns for these squares in case anyone fancies making their own blanketscape.

I used 3.75 mm needles and Stylecraft Special DK colours listed below. Each square uses 10-12 g of yarn.


I suggest you block each square individually before sewing them up, as some of the patterns have a tendency to go a bit scrunchy.


For the border, I used 3.25 mm needles, picking up 36 stitches per square with the right side facing - working each side of the blanket seperately. Once I had picked up the stitches, I worked 8 more knit rows, increasing one stitch at the end of each right side row. Cast off.

5th December 2021

We had a team blanketscapes outing to Saunton Sands to get some photos of the finished tide-out sunny beach blanketscape.

Getting the blanket, me, Emile, the tide, the sun all in the right place (and to coincide with a meal time for fish n chips of course), was going to take a bit of luck given we really only had one day left when we were both free before Christmas! But as luck would have it, we managed it! The only problem was our old nemesis - the wind.

We went into the dunes to shelter a bit and I tried holding it like a cape (a blanket-cape) and it seemed to work fairly well…

Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK


Many Footprints: Stone

Few Footprints: Camel

Pebbly sand: Mocha

Large Breaking Waves: Petrol

Looming Clouds: Cloud Blue

Small Fluffy Clouds: Aster

Large Fluffy Clouds; Lapis


I have made the patterns available for free but they are © Blanketscapes, the patterns are not to be copied or resold. I'm happy for you to make and sell finished blankets using these patterns for charitable, non-commercial, purposes only. Please credit @blanketscapes on Instagram or Facebook for your final creations, I'd love to see what you make. If you enjoy making the free patterns, please consider buying the book to support the creative industry!

Happy knitting!

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