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Looming Clouds

Updated: May 11, 2022


I wanted to add another clouds texture for the Saunton Sands blanket - often there are clouds looming on the horizon that you hope stay on the horizon!

The looming clouds textured square is based on the stormy clouds, but turned into a full bank of clouds.


I made the patterns in a spreadsheet before knitting up a test swatch. The bottom left photo in the collage above shows the trial patterns I went through before deciding which I liked.

General principles for square patterns:

  • Repeat pattern horizontally and vertically & simple to knit pattern.

  • 36 stitches x 48 rows for main pattern as these are very divisible numbers.

  • An 'x' means purl on a knit row, and knit on a purl row to create the texture.


This lower chart is the format I found to be most useful to me:

  • White = knit row (right side), grey = purl row (wrong side).

  • An 'x' = purl on a knit row, and knit on a purl row

  • The numbers are just a handy guide to the number of stitches in each knit or purl block.


Written pattern:

See blanket pattern for required needles & yarn.

(k = knit, p=purl)

Cast on 36 stitches

Rows 1-12: st stitch (starting with a purl row)

Row 13: p2, k1, p30, k1, p2

Row 14: p4, k28, p4

Row 15: k5, p5, k2, p12, k2, p5, k5

Row 16: p13, k10, p13

Row 17: k13, p10, k13

Row 18: p15, k6, p15

Row 19-24: st stitch (starting with a knit row)

Row 25-36: st stitch (starting with a purl row)

Row 37: p15, k1, p4, k1, p15

Row 38: k14, p8, k14

Row 39: p6, k2, p5, k10, p5, k2, p6

Row 40: k5, p26, k5

Row 41: p5, k26, p5

Row 42: k3, p30, k3

Row 43-48: st stitch (starting with a knit row)

Cast off


I have made these patterns available for free but they are ©Blanketscapes, the patterns are not to be copied or resold. I'm happy for you to make and sell finished blankets using these patterns for charitable, non-commercial, purposes only. Please credit @blanketscapes on Instagram or Facebook for your final creations, I'd love to see what you make.


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