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Mount Edgcumbe
Grey Mist Beach Blanket

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8th May 2021

This photo was taken the day after my first covid jab back in May. I had a bad night with the shivers so the next day I thought I might as well cycle to Dawlish in the drizzle as it wouldn’t really make any difference!

The drizzle basically just made everything grey, and I found that Stylecraft made a baby wool with the name ‘Grey Mist’, so I decided to buy some for a ‘drizzly’ baby blanket.

The balls of yarn sat in my stash waiting for an opportunity, this came in September when I needed something convenient to pack on my motorbike for a camping weekend away.

After a hectic week of work, I packed up my ball of ‘Grey Mist’ (plus a few other camping essentials) on the bike and headed for Mount Edgecumbe in Cornwall and the Armchair Adventure Festival.

I woke on the Saturday morning to the sound of a fog horn, so was not surprised to find the world around us had disappeared… Which for most people was probably a bit of a disappointment, but was perfect for the knitting theme I had chosen to bring with me 😀.


The Grey Mist baby blanket will now be known as the ‘Mount Edgecumbe’ blanket, as I knitted quite a few squares there while listening to the talks.  The weather was suitably grey all day!

I needed to stretch my legs in the afternoon, so walked down to Barn Pool, looking over the estuary to Drake’s Island and Plymouth Hoe.

The squares which make up this blanket combine the stormy blanket patterns into 4 squares, to make a smaller 4 x 3 baby blanket.

You can either make it in seperate squares, or in one, using stitch markers to mark the repeat point for each pattern (as per the Weston -super-Mare blanket).

Seperate squares version:

I used 3.75 mm needles and Stylecraft Bambino DK in Grey Mist.  Each square uses 10-12 g of yarn, I used 1.5 100 g balls for this size blanket,

I suggest you block each square individually before sewing them up, as some of the patterns have a tendency to go a bit scrunchy.


For the border, I used 3.25 mm needles, picking up 36 stitches per square with the right side facing - working each side of the blanket seperately. Once I had picked up the stitches, I worked 6 more knit rows, increasing one stitch at the end of each right side row. Cast off.

(Finished photos taken in Sidmouth after a day out for the Science Festival in October)

In one piece version:

I used 3.75 mm needles and Stylecraft Bambino DK in Grey Mist.  I used 1.7 x 100 g balls for this size blanket. 


Cast on 120 stitches, 36 x 3 for the square patterns and 6 x 2 for the border. 

Work 10 rows of garter stich for the top and bottom border.  I slipped the first stitch of each row purl-wise to make a neater border edge.  Once you have completed the garter stitch lower border, work the squares as listed at the bottom of the page and shown in the picture, repeating the patterns three times horizontally.  Work 6 stitches in garter stitch to form the side borders.

Work 10 rows of garter stitch for the top border.

Cast off.



(Finished photos taken in Fife looking towards Edinburgh visiting friends.)



I have made the patterns available for free but they are © Blanketscapes, the patterns are not to be copied or resold. I'm happy for you to make and sell finished blankets using these patterns for charitable, non-commercial, purposes only. Please credit @blanketscapes on Instagram or Facebook for your final creations, I'd love to see what you make. If you enjoy making the free patterns, please consider buying the book to support the creative industry!

Happy knitting!

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