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Summer Mountain

Square patterns can be found in the book "The Art of Landscape Knitting"


As with the Snowy Mountain Blanketscape, the inspiration for the Summer Mountain Blanketscape comes from my photo archive, and a lot of the travelling I did in my twenties. 


I used shades of Scheepjes Stone Washed cotton yarn for the blanket as I liked the softer hues for a mountain scene.  Using two shades of each colour allowed for gentler colour transitions in comparison to the hard colour changes of a beach scene.


The instructions and patterns for this blanket can be found in the book "The Art of Landscape knitting" available via bookmarkedhub or any good book store.

We drove down through France, Switzerland, Lichtenstein and Italy and returned via Austria and Germany.  It was a great trip through some incredible scenery - the second photo here is the closest I could find to match the colour scheme I had chosen for the blanket.  It isn't the most dramatic photo I took, but it combined the pine trees, foothills (just about!), mountains and clouds featured in the blanket.

In 2007, I attended a Summer School in Karthaus on the border between Italy and Austria, themed around glaciology - the topic of my PhD and subsequent Postdoctoral research that I was carrying out at Durham University.  Two friends from my PhD in Bristol were also going, so we hatched a plan to drive from Bristol to Karthaus ... I say we hatched a plan, but really there was no plan other than the date we left and the day we had to arrive for the start of the summer school!

Final blanket photos credit: David and Charles

Please tag @blanketscapes on Instagram or Facebook for your final creations, I'd love to see what you make.


Happy knitting!

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