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Deciduous Woodland
Forest blanket

Square patterns can be found in the book "The Art of Landscape Knitting"


The blanketscapes project is about connecting with a place, slowing down and noticing details. Covid lockdowns gave ample time for such things, I spent a lot of time in green areas walking with friends - learning about trees. One such place was the Taddiforde Valley in Exeter, on University land. There are a lot of sycamore trees down near the brook, I love the shape of the leaves and the helicopter seeds that grow in the autumn. So I started with these trees


The first leaf pattern I designed was a large sycamore leaf, or more generally a maple leaf. They have distinctive five pointed leaves and maples are known for their stunning range of autumn colours. Leaves are smooth, so suit right side stocking stitch, so the leaves need to be vertical in design for the leaf texture to show in relief on the right side.

The instructions and patterns for this blanket can be found in the book "The Art of Landscape knitting" available via bookmarkedhub or any good book store.

Final blanket photos credit: David and Charles

Please tag @blanketscapes on Instagram or Facebook for your final creations, I'd love to see what you make.


Happy knitting!

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