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Lower Stormy Clouds

Updated: Mar 8


I spent a lot of time looking at the clouds for this square! The early May bank holiday Monday was pretty wild, and had exactly the cloud structure I’d been thinking of - long straight bases at the bottom of the clouds, then increasing in size as you go up the sky.

There’s two rows of clouds left to complete the blanket, so this is the lower row with long, vertically overlapping clouds.

The right upper & middle photos in this post are more to represent the colour of the sky rather than the texture...


***NOTE: Pattern changed on 08/03/2024 to match the book***.

The clouds have been moved up by two rows in the new version below, to add some buffer rows at the base of the design. This makes a neater transition between squares when making a blanket in one piece rather than in individual squares. To revert to the previous version, you should skip rows 1-2 in the new version below, and work them as rows 47-48 instead.

I made the patterns in a spreadsheet before knitting up a test swatch. The bottom left photo in the collage above shows the trial patterns I went through before deciding which I liked.

General principles for square patterns:

  • Repeat pattern horizontally and vertically & simple to knit pattern.

  • 36 stitches x 48 rows for main pattern as these are very divisible numbers.

  • An 'x' means purl on a knit row, and knit on a purl row to create the texture.


This lower chart is the format I found to be most useful to me:

  • White = knit row (right side), grey = purl row (wrong side).

  • An 'x' = purl on a knit row, and knit on a purl row

  • The numbers are just a handy guide to the number of stitches in each knit or purl block.

*Note* this one is not symmetrical - purl rows read from the left!

This square, in particular, benefits from blocking to stop it scrunching up so much.


Written pattern:

See blanket pattern for required needles & yarn.

(k = knit, p=purl)

Cast on 36 stitches

Rows 1 and 2: St stitch two rows.

Row 3: K4, p28, k4.

Row 4: P3, k30, p3.

Row 5: K2, p32, k2.

Row 6: P2, k32, p2.

Row 7: K3, p30, k3.

Row 8: P5, k5, p2, k12, p2, k5, p5.

Row 9: K13, p10, k13.

Row 10: P15, k6, p15.

Rows 11 to 14: St stitch four rows.

Row 15: P23, k8, p5.

Row 16: K6, p6, k24.

Row 17: P25, k4, p7.

Row 18: K7, p4, k25.

Row 19: P24, k6, p6.

Row 20: K4, p10, k5, p2, k12, p2, k1.

Row 21: K4, p10, k22.

Row 22: P24, k6, p6.

Rows 23 to 26: St stitch four rows.

Row 27: P5, k8, p23.

Row 28: K24, p6, k6.

Row 29: P7, k4, p25.

Row 30: K25, p4, k7.

Row 31: P6, k6, p24.

Row 32: K1, p2, k12, p2, k5, p10, k4.

Row 33: K22, p10, k4.

Row 34: P6, k6, p24.

Rows 35 to 38: St stitch four rows.

Row 39: P14, k8, p14.

Row 40: K15, p6, k15.

Row 41: P16, k4, p16.

Row 42: K16, p4, k16.

Row 43: P15, k6, p15.

Row 44: K6, p2, k5, p10, k5, p2, k6.

Row 45: P5, k26, p5.

Row 46: K3, p30, k3.

Rows 47 and 48: St stitch two rows.

Cast off


I have made these patterns available for free but they are ©Blanketscapes, the patterns are not to be copied or resold. I'm happy for you to make and sell finished blankets using these patterns for charitable, non-commercial, purposes only. Please credit @blanketscapes on Instagram or Facebook for your final creations, I'd love to see what you make.


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